British Virgin Islands

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Often when one conjures up a picture of paradise, the ingredients that form that image are remarkably similar. A white sand beach fringed with palm trees, pristine blue skies and matching waters, reclining beach chairs supporting an idyllic-looking couple gazing out to the horizon. Scenes such as these could easily grace any postcard of the British Virgin Islands, but there is more.

Take a couple strolling the beach and put them in the pristine blue water. Picture them floating hand in hand looking down through their masks at a vast array of tropical fish in colour combinations you thought were part of an artist's palette. Watch them glide effortlessly over a stunning variety of corals, and "oooh" collectively through their snorkels at the sight of a sand-covered ray gently rising from its seabed habitat and winging gracefully away. This is the "other" paradise the B.V.I. has to offer.

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